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•Conventional and Organic Cranberry Beans
•Conventional and Organic White Kidney Beans
•Conventional and Organic Navy Beans
•Conventional and Organic Pinto Beans
•Conventional and Organic Brown Beans
•Conventional and Organic Black Eyed Beans
•Conventional and Organic Green Adzuki Beans
•Conventional and Organic Red Adzuki Beans
•Conventional and Organic Lima Beans
•Conventional and Organic Red Kidney Beans
•Conventional and Organic Black Beans



2016 was declared as the International year of the pulse. This unexpected decision coming from the FAO brought on everybody's lips the nutritious advantages of an ancient food.
VITALIA SRL imports and distributes raw pulses, both in organic and conventional quality, coming from Italy, Europe and the rest of the world. An accurate selection of our supplier together with continuous test on the raw material allow us to supply you with an healthy and controlled product.

For further informations, datasheets, quotations and orders the Kind customers can contact us using the form selecting the page 'Contacts and Quotations' from the menu above or just send an email to

•Conventional and Organic Broad Beans
•Conventional and Organic Dehulled Broad Beans
•Conventional and Organic Red Lentils
•Conventional and Organic Green Lentils
•Conventional and Organic Yellow Lentils
•Conventional and Organic Red Dehulled Lentils
•Conventional and Organic Green Peas
•Conventional and Organic Yellow Peas
•Conventional and Organic Chickpeas
•Conventional and Organic Black Chickpeas
•Conventional and Organic Chickling Peas


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